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"I have now been in the industry for over 25 years and a part of the ULSCA team now for three years and every time I interact with any one of my peers I learn something new.  Don't miss the annual conferences you WONT regret it.  My ROI has been grater than any other"

          -- S. Burn

"When my shop was facing outsourcing I was able to turn to my colleagues in the ULSCA organization for guidance resulting in our university programs ongoing success!"

          -- J. Doe 

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University Logistics and Supply Chain Association

Your college and university logistics resource

The ULSCA has a humble beginning as an informal array of Mid-western schools that gathered in the mid-70’s called Big Ten Materials Management Group.  Over the course of the next 30 years, it adopted the name Big Ten and Friends and was made up of large universities with “stores”, and operations focused on improving the warehouse based supply model.  As industry supply chain models incorporated new technology and more efficient methods, materials operations in universities came under intense competitive pressure. The university group sought insights through partnerships with larger, professional supply chain organizations to maintain industry best practices.

In 2011 the organization, under the new name University Materials Management Roundtable (UMMR), joined the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), a large international organization primarily serving the private sector. CSCMP helped UMMR grow as a professional organization, however the partnership imposed financial and organizational control requirements.  In 2014 the leadership of UMMR renewed their search for a professional alignment that would recognize and accommodate the unique requirements and characteristics of academic organizations.  In August of 2015 UMMR changed its name to the University Logistics and Supply Chain Association (ULSCA). In September of 2016, after two years of research, analysis and discussion ULSCA entered into a partnership with the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP). NAEP was chosen as the best-fit partner due to its Higher Education focus, excellent educational programs, expansive membership, strong history of effectiveness, and administrative assistance.

ULSCA continues to seek opportunities to expand its scope, evaluate new partnerships and welcome new members. Today our members are engaged in the entire supply chain process in school locations across the country. The organization has grown in membership by 50% over the past three years but remains a small enough organization to provide ready access to experienced and supportive colleagues and through NAEP, to a network of professional resources.

We are proud of our history of service to higher education and we are excited about our potential as a newly restructured organization. As you participate in the conference and activities that will follow, we encourage you to look for, and seize opportunities to contribute to your new organization.

Welcome to ULSCA!

- Mark A. Schock